1 Plus 2 Equals 3: A Poker Gambler’s Value is Judged by His or Her Bottom Line

March 17th, 2013 by Aryan Leave a reply »

A few poker techniques will surprise you with their simplicity. This is 1 of them. Write down your conclusions, every time you bet.

Cathedral of holdem Psalm #3:

You must write down thy wins and thy squanders; for it’s the sum of all a persons accomplishments which create his/her bottom line.

How accurate is up to you. I tend to think that hourly details and that style of intimate information is not needed. Basically figure out how far ahead you are and how much (if any) you’ve taken out. Naturally, if you lose, record that too, despite how much it it might pain you.

Do not omit to write down what style of game you are betting on, if that is significant to you. (In my experience, most players stick to what they understand and do not experiment. If all you note is winnings, loses and withdrawals, you’re way in front of almost all gamblers out there!)

Provide yourself actual goals, such as a ‘dream’ target (new auto, vacation or whatever). When you take out, add the money withdrawn to your dream counter. The greater the success you have, the closer that goal will get!


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